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Experts speak on the Mumbai Development Plan

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Former Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Jamsheed Kanga offers critical inputs regarding the 2014 Mumbai Development Plan


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Mumbai Development Plan – Critical Deliverables Unmet

As many of you are aware, on March 30, 2013, the deadline for the public responses to  the Existing Land Use plan prepared by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation ended. We appreciate the BMC’s decision to extend the deadline three times so that more people could participate in the verification process. We are sure this will help towards making
the Mumbai Development Plan 2014 open, equitable and efficient.

However, the Urban Design Research Institute is concerned about the fate of certain critical
deliverables. The 23 deliverables had been committed to by Groupe SCE Pvt Ltd, consultants to the DP project, in the contract.

Barring the first 4, the rest have not been adhered to. Some of these deadlines have lapsed by nearly a year, which the UDRI would like to draw attention to.

*Workshop-1 & Workshop-2 – July 2012 & Sept 2012
Two consultation workshops were scheduled with stakeholders, including key MCGM departments, NGOs and concerned citizens, in keeping with the public participatory nature of the DP. When the UDRI raised this in an RTI, it was told it would be held post completion of the ELU. We fear in the hurry to meet the deadline for the final submission these Crucial workshops may be done away with.
*Deliverable 5 – Report of Existing Status along with thematic maps – February 2012
This analysis of the existing usage of land is important because it forms a basis for formulating a future plan for the city of Mumbai. Without knowing how the land is being used currently, it will be impossible to arrive at a credible Proposed Land Use plan, which is the final step.
*Deliverable 7 – Report on Development Plan Vision & Guiding Principles along with Objectives of DP – September 2012
The UDRI had, over the last year, sent to the MCGM a series of letters by experts and stakeholders outlining the guiding principles for the DP process. The UDRI would like to know how the MCGM plans to incorporate these recommendations.
*Working Paper-8 – Consolidated Report on Proposed Land Use & DCR – February 2013
*Report on Phasing Plan Implementation, Estimates of Cost of Implementation and Financing Plan – February 2013
With the MCGM losing an important revenue stream like octroi, this report is important as it will spell out how the MCGM plans to raise finances to fund the next 20 years of the DP.

Given that these deadlines have lapsed, the UDRI wants to know if the MCGM will come up with a revised timeline to ensure these deliverables are met with.

Also, how and when the new timeline will be shared with the public to enable their participation which is important to make the DP process truly representative.

We would like to hear your suggestions on how we can create greater awareness about these lapses in the public, as well as raise these issues with the MCGM

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Meeting regarding Development Plan 2014

We thank you for your commitment to participating in the development planning process for Mumbai.

The Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI) has been in dialogue with the MCGM regarding the DP and has requested numerous rectifications to the Existing Land Use (ELU) Plan prepared by them both at a micro and macro level. We have also presented these to the Municipal Commissioner who has instructed the DP department to take these suggestions into consideration. However at this time we are unable to ascertain to what extent these suggested rectifications are being included in the ELU plan for Mumbai. Also at this time the MCGM’s DP consultants have not yet completed and released TASK 3 of the DP process which is to provide an analysis of the ELU plan.

We appreciate that many of you have done your own ground surveys to verify the ELU Plan and have written in to the MCGM with your comments and corrections. In order to provide a more cohesive thrust to all our work, the UDRI is organising a meeting of all the stakeholders who have shown an interest in participating in this development planning process. This details of this meeting are as follows:

Date: 21st November 2012 (Wednesday)

Time: 4.00 pm

Venue: Urban Design Research Institute, No 43, Dr V B Gandhi Marg, Kalaghoda , Fort, Mumbai 400 023

At this meeting, we would like to share our findings and encourage you to bring with you any correspondence you may have already sent after your verification surveys. We would also use this gathering to consider the next steps that each of you would be able to engage in. I would like to clarify however, that the intent of the meeting is only to discuss development plan issues that affect ALL and not individual land issues that are personal in nature.

We look forward to seeing you at the UDRI.