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Important DP related announcement!


Over 40 city stakeholders met with Rahul Shewale, Standing Committee Chairman (SCC) and officials from the DP department. Here in brief are important decisions taken at the meeting. 
1. DP officials assured that the revised schedule for all the remaining deliverables will be uploaded by the MCGM on the website latest by next week.
2.  DP dept assured the SCC that the final ELU will be completed by May 30, 2013 and uploaded on the MCGM website within a week from now along with the action taken report on each of the submitted comments.
3. Three additional deliverables such as Existing Situation Analysis (ESA) Growth Scenarios, and Vision for the city will be completed by June 15, 2013.
4. After June 22,2013 public consultation workshops will be held. These workshops would be held through all the wards.
5.Meeting with local Councillors will be held once the ESA is published to brief them about the DP process.
6.Slums have to be mapped and every person should benefit and be involved in the DP process. SCC said that we cannot exclude 70% of the population from the planning process.
7. Meeting will be scheduled with the State Government (UD Secretary, CMO) SCC, Improvements Committee, DP Department, MMRDA to address the technical issues faced in the inclusion of SPA areas in the Development Plan for Mumbai.
8. All Additional Municipal Commissioners in charge of other MCGM Departments such as Education, Health, SWD, HE, SWM, SO, SP, MSDP, P&D, PPP, M&E, Road and Traffic, Bridges, etc. need to be involved proactively in the DP revision process.
9. It was assured that all data with all layers will be uploaded on the website in PDF format for public scrutiny. It will be given to all ward offices and a helpdesk will be activated at all ward offices.
10. It was assured that regular meetings with the SCC and Improvements committee chairman for periodic monitoring and compliance of the above points.


Author: mumbaidp24seven

The Urban Design Research Institute is a public charitable trust dedicated to improve urban communities. The UDRI offers a forum promoting interaction between architects, urban designers and professionals from related fields.We view ourselves as a watchdog on urban planning issues, promoting democratic values of civic participation to create a more just and liveable metropolis.

2 thoughts on “Important DP related announcement!

  1. Dear Sir, As per your email the New ELU for DP Mumbai 2014 should be upload on web site MCGM, but i had checked but there was no any uploaded ELU images. Please let us know when it will be upload and where?

    Thanks & Regards Mohammed Aslam Ansari Phone: 00971 55 729 6424

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