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Land Use plan to be updated



Dear All,

The UDRI thanks you all for your positive response and for volunteering your valuable time and energy to participate in the process of the development plan revision.

As reported in the media the Municipal Commissioner in his meeting with the UDRI on October 17 has promised to release updated ELU plans after the 20th of October. He has also said that these plans will be made available at each Ward office and that the MCGM will create a dedicated email ID for feedback from the public on the Existing Land Use Plan.

The UDRI intends to hold a meeting with all of the volunteering groups and individuals across the city and will do this once the updated ELU plan has been released by the MCGM as promised by the Municipal Commissioner. We will keep you posted via email regarding the date and venue for this meeting.

In the meantime those of you who would like to continue to work on crosschecking the available ELU and need to have a higher resolution ELU plan (pdf format soft file) for particular areas or want a list of the errors found by UDRI in your area are welcome to write in to us requesting the details required and we will get this across to you.


Author: mumbaidp24seven

The Urban Design Research Institute is a public charitable trust dedicated to improve urban communities. The UDRI offers a forum promoting interaction between architects, urban designers and professionals from related fields.We view ourselves as a watchdog on urban planning issues, promoting democratic values of civic participation to create a more just and liveable metropolis.

5 thoughts on “Land Use plan to be updated

  1. As agreed you were to provide me with the hard copy of ward 195 of f/south ward, please let me know about the same. If are able to provide for 196 to 200 in addition to above will page out my volunteers for the same.

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